China Training

Record Ride!


Shannon, (from my ride in the Beijing mountains) organises group rides every weekend, which run alongside the Great Wall of China. He asked if I wanted to come. Of course I said yes!

They have 3 groups, A+ (153km fast pace), A- (104km fast pace) and B (71km). I knew was fit enough for the B group, but Shannon was positive I could do A-! Now that’s an ego boost!

Saturday Morning 6.30, I was ready and hopped in a taxi to the meeting place. Shannon was making coffee for everyone that showed up. We then took to the bus, cars in tow, and drove 2 hours to the starting point. I was looking out the window to the amazing city views all the time!

The ride was incredible, with great views, starting close to Badaling and riding through villages on flat roads, with some steep climbs in between. China is so beautiful; I had not expected that at all! The scenery is amazing and the villages authentic. So much to discover still, I would definitely want to come back!

I have found that bikers are generally super nice people; I was accompanied by a Dutch cyclist too, as I did not have navigation. We agreed that he will coming to Barcelona in June to train there together!

Finished the 105 km in little over 4 hours without breaks, my best ride ever!