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Eco Tour


Spring water, salt water, hot water, cold water – the Four Waters Eco tour. This tour was organised through CC’s Hideaway – we were collected in true Thai style pickup truck come bus, and taken to the briefing place, where we were served some delicious healthy drinks!

First stop, kayaking in Bang Rong, north of Phuket. After our last kayaking adventure in New Zealand was a huge success, we were excited to get back onto the water – where I of course had to let Michiel do all the work, good PT that I am…

We kayaked around the Mangroves, where we saw walking fish (yes, it’s a thing), crabs, and beautiful small island formations. It was tempting to jump in, the heat was so intense!

Then, we set off for a hike into the rainforest at Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. It was so beautiful (and SO hot!), we saw so many waterfalls, high trees, mushrooms, birds, butterflies – it’s hard not to love nature when you’re submerged in the beauty of it like this. It was great to come across the Ton Sai waterfall at the end, where the local children were bathing too – I just had to take a dip to cool off!

We stopped for lunch in Phang-Nga, before heading to a Spring Resort. One pool was mega hot spring water, and another one is an ice cold pool… When I say hot, I mean HOT. Followed by icey cold. A cool experience (mind the pun…)

A short walk from the resort was a really quiet beach (you know we like quietness!), where we enjoyed the sunset from start to finish…arh, growing to adore these Thai sunsets!

Sunset in his view…

Herman the Hermit crab

A nice safe Thai bridge! Hopefully we make it over..