I am always looking for ways to add fresh things to training. Triathlon training is always going to be a lot of biking, swimming and running, but there is great advantages to strength training and targeting other muscle groups in the training plan.

Kayaking is something Michiel has never tried, and I knew it had so many benefits to the upper body, giving his arms a great workout, whilst seeing the sights on the water – perfect.

Up early and off we went from Blenheim to Picton. We used Wilderness Guides, who were great.

Kayaking here was a spectacular experience. The Marlborough Sounds makes for an unforgettable experience – so much to see. A view from the water is always more beautiful, and is the chance to experience the sights from a whole new angle.

Michiel had some preconceptions about kayaking – he thought we would definitely, 100% be upside down (capsized) the whole time. Preparing himself for holding his breath throughout, and probably dying. On the contrary, the kayaks were super stable and balanced. Even for us.

Whilst Michiel was busy rowing, I was busy spotting the wildlife. We saw so many amazing things – even a SHARK! Which swept under our kayak. Starfish, 100s of rays, mussels, birds, seals, jellyfish – so incredible.

Unfortunately, my photography skills failed me on occasions. I will blame the GoPro for my fingers being in a lot of pictures like this…

I would recommend Kayaking to anyone who wants a great upper body workout, and to see the sights. You can go as fast or as slow as you want to on these tours, we opted for more of a workout style sight see of course!