Nelson: it is a small, cute town with a great location to stay in one place and explore the north of the south island. Travelling so much can take its toll, so we decided to stay here for a week, rent a house, and do some travelling from here.

Swim day: I am so happy with the progress Michiel has made in swimming. He had never swam before properly before last year. So to embark on this gruelling challenge of Ironman, without swimming knowledge or experience, was a massive decision.

His determination and keenness to learn, has brought him so far since then, he is now a strong swimmer, with room to improve, but wow – what a difference – I am more than happy with his progress so far. Its a true pleasure to see someone who was once to afraid of water, to now own it like a champion. It makes my job a whole lot more rewarding!

Todays session was a tough one, and actually the most Michiel has swam before. Fuelled by this delicious breakfast: mushrooms, avocado & tomatoes on a bagel:

Delicious! Now for the swimming…

  • Warm up – 300m 
  • 12x50m pull buoy (between legs, upper body only), with 20 seconds rest after each length 
  • 12x50m backstroke, with 20 seconds rest after each length 
  • 18×50 swim drills, working on technique (rotations, upper torso control) 
  • Cool down – 200m 

Luckily, we found a great pool in Nelson – with specific lanes, so we could fully concentrate on the training instead of the environment. Although towards the end of the workout, some kids came and distracted us – note: workout before school finishes!

In future sessions, we will continue to work on the progress and techniques introduced. Go, go Michiel!