Spain Travel

Peak Training


Now Michiel is well into his peak training phase, he has a long ride, swim and run per week (as well as all the shorter sessions), and this week he just popped to France!

From where we were in Viella, it was so close to the border of France, down long winding quiet roads, beautiful countryside and mountains, and also a lot cooler than the inner city climate he has been struggling in. Tracking him along the way, he was doing it in great time! It’s always great to see his progress live, and watch him complete milestones.

This ride was 120km, the longest since the accident last year, so when he arrived back in great spirits (if not a little tired..), it was a big celebration! It’s so great to see the progress with his training. Once upon a time (around 6 months ago) he could not imagine he would be doing this much training again, and yet, here he is!

It is tough to keep going and get the sessions in, but he does it every time! Rest days are well earned and by trusting the process, we are well on track for full Ironman in T-2 months time!!

Of course once he returned from his bike ride, we had to drive into France too – and explore the mini town of St Bedes. Beautiful!