Iceland Travel

On the Road


Heading off again, we were now aiming for the North West of the island. Mainly because most books and people we spoke to said here it was the most untouched, derelict, and the most stunning scenery. Off we went from our cabin heading towards Holmavik, a teeny tiny town, with just 375 inhabitants.

Some beautiful views on the way!

Meeting the locals

I often wonder what they do day to day around here in Holmavik and such places? It is such a foreign world for so many of us to imagine life so different from city life.

It is known for its witchcraft and sorcery background – spooky! And after a wander around town, mainly to stretch out our legs (Michiel was still achy from the marathon!), we came across the Witchcraft and Sorcery museum.

It had adjoining restaurant, Galdur, which did vegan options – of course!

It seems so amazing here that, even in the most obscure places, there are so many vegan options. Even in the supermarkets!

A great meal, with excellent service in the weirdest of places!