There it was, in the sport hotel’s schedule: “Sunday morning, group ride with other triathletes. Long ride, 110 kilometers.” That would also be my longest ride ever!

First step: bike rental [at the Thanyapura sport resort]

Real bikers take their own pedals. Luckily this guy borrowed me his…

The night before I slept restless & I was pretty nervous. I already knew the other athletes were often professionals. Can I keep up with them? I had never cycled in a group, too! I worried…

Yes, I actually slept like this, next to my bike…

On my way to the 110k

Healthy carb breakfast at 6 am, wondering if it’s all worth it…

The ride itself was fast, with lots of traffic, bumpy roads and a really hot and humid temperature. My ‘biker’s bum’ started hurting halfway. But, I did it! I rode next to an interesting guy from Singapore, and we even talked half of the ride about his startup company! Before we knew it we were back to base! That felt so good! 110km!

Off we went!

I did forget to drink enough & did not take photos, but I did it! The Sunday after I had the same ride on my schedule. I was ready like a pro. Did not worry much. I prepared during the week with shorter rides. Drank all my water. And smashed it, now I finished even in front of the group!

Yay! It is all worth it!

I was even able to take pictures on the second ride!

Riding through small Thai villages, amazing!

What a difference one week and some experience makes. Ready for an even longer ride now! Bring it on!

Having a small stop, to get some water!