In March this year I decided to cycle the famous Mont Ventoux mountain. Before this, I had never trained in my life. My new found goal led me to learning a lot about sport, and also myself. I succesfully rode Mont Ventoux on October 1st.


Goal completed. Now what? I decided to take it up a notch. Ironman in one year would be the perfect challenge.

This would require a big lifestyle change, as well as a lot of training. I was ready for that. However, as great as Barcelona sounds, doing the same runs and bike routes every day, and going to the same pool all the time, quickly gets boring…

So, I thought of a way to add my other favourite thing in the mix, travel. But where to start? As I knew nothing, I googled: “Most epic places to run”, “Most epic places to cycle” and “Best weather in December”. All search results had Chile in common. I looked no further and started booking!

The thing that inspired me the most, and made me want to go, was a picture of an athlete running in the white salt flats. So beautiful, inspiring. That must feel so amazing! So I made that the mission of the trip, running in the salt desert.

Yesterday, it finally happened! I DID IT!


It was amazing – even better than I had imagined. The quietness, the snowlike environment contrasting the hot desert, a fresh breeze…the road to the salt flats. To finish, a beautiful flamenco reserve.



This milestone is done! I now have to look for a new one to incorporate into my training… ideas anyone…?