Chile Training

Iceman part 2


Time to leave the desert. We loved it so much in Atacama – we were actually sad to leave. But this trip is all about training in different epic places, so the pick up was packed, we were on the road again! Heading to Antofagasta – a coastal city, for a nights break, before heading back south and deciding our next route.


The Holiday Inn, right on the beach and fine for a pit stop. Generic hotel, with everything you would expect (no vegan breakfast obviously…) with great views of the coast.


We had a small pool in the hotel, so we got up early ready for a swim! The pool was quiet, but cold. Oh so cold…Santiago flashbacks…

After 15 minutes of deliberating, we built up the courage to get in, and did 45 minutes of laps (mainly because if we didn’t, we would freeze). This was great to give Michiel’s muscles a break from impact training & gentle cardio work. As soon as we got out, the sun came out…obviously! Note to self: find heated pools!!




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