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Yoga. Something a lot of people talk about, and most thing it is just for the hippies & moon worshippers (rolling eyesโ€ฆ.)

As a PT, I have always recommended yoga to clients, especially sports yoga, which helps muscle fatigue, improves technique in sport, helps blood flow and relaxation – and of course stretches out aches and pains from regular exercise. I knew Michiel would benefit, and he was eager to try it too. I sourced a great yoga instructor, Betsy Reid, who worked with us before the trip in Spain, and I saw improvements straight away with Michielโ€™s recovery and flexibility. Betsy is great, and does exactly what we need and want from the yoga sessions!


Armed with lots of yoga poses & written out sessions to do whilst travelling, I incorporate at least one session into our weekly schedule. I am no yogi, but love the benefits, especially for Michiel, and with my fitness background & Betsyโ€™s help, knew I could give a good session!

Yoga after swimming – perfect! All of those achy muscles were now stretched, and worked on the tight spots, ready for the road again! Thank youuuu Betsy!