The final night in Bangkok, we had to check out the city from above! Luckily, the rain from the day stopped, and we had a beautifully clear night to enjoy the views at the top of the Vertigo Bar – Banyan Tree.

Breathtaking views over Bangkok!

It was soon time to leave Thailand, what a great experience we have had here! We love the sun, and heat, and part of Michiels dream of training in epic places was to make sure we were always doing so in beautiful places, away from rain and winter! As it is becoming summer now in Europe, it was time to head there – our next destination – BARCELONA!

Goodbye Thailand!

We had a layover in Amman, Jordan, just in time to catch the sunset, and lots of hummus in the lounge! You know our love for hummus, and this was so good! Hummus in Jordan!

Hello Europe, Hello Barcelona! 

Jetlag wasn’t too bad, the beds on the plane make it so much easier to sleep! But we did feel an urge to eat rubbish for energy! Luckily, I was on hand with some smoothies, water, and plenty of fruit- we can beat the energy loss!