We found a cute little place in the small town of Patreksfjordhur (I would like to say how to say this word, but it comes out differently every time). Which like many of the towns in the Westfjords, was super small and only has 680 inhabitants.

Having a look out to sea with a cup of teaย 

The next morning, one of the owners of the hotel came with some gorgeous breakfast treats for us! Fresh fruit, avocados, oatly products and were so nice! A great start to the day, overlooking the beautiful fjords around us.

Close to where we were staying, was a swimming pool, we had to take advantage! After a few days of resting and walking for Michiel, it was a great time to swim! Ease the muscles back into training a little at a time, and of course enjoy those beautiful views! We did some interval laps, as the pool was only 16m long, it was a great way to utilise the short distance by going all out. This helps Michiel practice speed and also technique work. We also enjoyed a nice long stretch – which we know helps hugely with the muscle recovery!

There he goes!

Me. Upside down.ย