A quiet pool. A warm pool. A big enough pool.

It was so hard finding these specifications for poolsย on our travels in Chile. All of which are important for Michiel. Although Ironman will be the total opposite to warm and quiet conditions, part of base training is to ensure he builds confidence in the water – so none threatening, nice conditions like these are needed right now.

The second hotel Michiel stayed in, in Manchester, the Park Inn Radisson had the perfect pool. Super quiet, warm enough, and the room was calm and content. Just what we needed!


I am so pleased with the progress Michiel is making with swimming. It is undeniably the weaker sport of the 3, but heย is totally unrecognisable to what he used to be in the water. Although sometimes frustrating, we are constantly working and making progress, recognising mistakes and moving forward. We will continue to progress,ย and we are always on the quest for perfect pools in the world (if you know any, let us know!)