Quinoa – Aย small, friendly, informal vegan friendly (they do use dairy in some dishes, but not all) restaurant in the Gracia area of Barcelona.

It is a really great place, away from the main busy streets.ย The food is freshly made and tastes delicious! Typical comfort food – hot dogs, burgers, fries, nachos – but all plant based and of course a lot healthier.

img_3270 img_3274 img_3276

We couldn’t leave without trying their vegan deserts – which totally lived up to expectation! Plum cake & chocolate cacao brownie – mmmmm mmmmmmmm!!

img_3279 img_3278

UPDATE! Quinoa now has another branch – Quinoa Arago! We tried this out and were impressed! The place feels a lot more thought out than their Gracia sister restaurant, and is a lot more chic. The staff were super friendly, and wow – the food was amazing!

We ordered the cauliflower pakoras, which were so delicious! The burger, tempeh wrap and finished with the avocado lime cheesecake, which was also sugar free.

Much preferred this one over Gracias – but both well worth a visit and great value for money!ย