Next stop – a little town called Whangarei. Last minute accommodation booked, PLUS they had a pool – hoorah! Easy no impact training to rest that knee, and a chance to practice some swim techniques. Perfect!

We stayed at Lupton Lodge – which was so beautiful (I seem to say this a lot, but really, BEAUTY EVERYWHERE!) Amazing grounds, set in super green gardens, surrounded by fruit trees, little picket fences and flowers galore.

We told the hotel owners we were vegan, and had this delicious breakfast made for us the next morning before swimming – what a treat! Spinach, avocado, & mushrooms on a bagel – perfect fuel!

1000m of interval swimming was awaiting. Building Michiel’s confidence to get into the water has taken time, so its sometimes difficult when we are in a cold pool, outside, with new surroundings at every swim. He soon adjusts, gets used to it and trains as instructed, although tired, he completed the swimming drills, with little impact on the knee.

You know we love a waterfall, so we had to stop here on the way to the next destination. Whangarei Falls.