Driving back north towards Santiago, we had to take a break for the night. Bookingย told us we were close to an amazing B&B in Curicรณ, with a top score – so naturally, booked, and off we went.

Azaleas B&B. Otherwise known as staying with your grandma. The owner, a little old Chilean lady, was the cutest woman in the entire world. From the moment we arrived (she was waiting for us on the street), she insisted we drank some cold water, sat us down and asked if we had eaten. Who doesn’t like to be treated like a grandchild. We lapped up her motherly instincts.

After being asked about breakfast, we told her we were vegan and that we had some of our own food, so not to worry. She then told us her granddaughter was vegan, she knew all about it, she understood and she wouldn’t see us back on the road without a proper breakfast inside of us. See – the CUTEST!


After a peaceful nights sleep in great rooms, we head to the breakfast table. Wow. This lady had gone and got us fruits, avocados, breads, almond milk, teas – she cut everything up onto china plates, with little flowery plates for every food item. Delicious!


Packing us off with some fresh fruit and water, warning us (very sternly) to drive safe, it was time to leave Grandmas – full stomachs, well rested and happy. Definitely recommend!