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The Running Man


The first run after the marathon, a nice steady 5km with an awesome backdrop. A great chance to get the legs moving, and keep up with the good technique Michiel had been showing.

Never one to miss out!

We have a great run coach in Barcelona, John Burns, who helps Michiel with his running technique and training plan for all the runs we have planned. He is a great help, and not only has Michiel improved in his technique, his confidence and speed has also been greatly improved since working with John.


Never be scared of asking for help from someone who knows what theyโ€™re doing. The best advice I give to people, is to always seek out help if you think it is needed. Especially in health and fitness. We were all beginners at some point, and believe me, any journey in the right direction starts by cutting your own excuses and owning up to the problems and obstacles youโ€™re facing. You donโ€™t have to do things alone, thatโ€™s why trainers exist, and who knows, you may just find with a few tweaks, you can excel too!